InnTechnology Introduces The GuestDirect Communications System to Enhance Guest Communications

June 26, 2003

GLENDALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 26, 2003--

Meeting Planners, In-house Marketing Services Can Now Customize Guest Communications

InnTechnology, Inc., a leading hotel technology company, today announced the introduction of the GuestDirect Communications System, a breakthrough system that allows the hotel, meeting planners and others to communicate quickly and easily with individual guests in their rooms, in blocks of rooms or every room in the property.

GuestDirect is a private, in-hotel communications system that combines networked, in-room multi-function printers with a Windows-based server running InnTechnology's proprietary application software. The system takes advantage of the network capabilities of the hotel's existing high speed Internet access (HSIA) system to route messages to each guestroom's networked multi-function machine (color printer/fax/copier). The integration of GuestDirect with the property management system allows the hotel to track guests by group code, to compile folios for in-room printing and numerous other activities.

GuestDirect, which includes the software, server and networked multi-function machines for guestrooms, can be purchased or leased. InnTechnology's technicians can install the system in days, depending on the hotel's room count. Each room is connected by using the HSIA network and requires no additional wiring.

The system is virtually maintenance-free, with the software managed remotely. "We use standard hardware with proprietary software that integrates easily into existing hotel systems," said Randy Stryker, president of InnTechnology.

Using the network, which is controlled by hotel staff, specific printed messages, including sophisticated, four-color materials, can be sent to guests quickly and cost-effectively. "GuestDirect will be an immediate hit with meeting planners because it gives them a hassle-free, simple way to communicate with their group. They can easily update their attendees about changes in venue, send reminders and teasers to events and send targeted advertising and sales messages," Stryker pointed out. "A meeting planner simply provides the hotel with a copy of what they want distributed, and the rest is a few simple "clicks" away.

" In addition to being a great guest amenity, GuestDirect also has potential to become an ideal, flexible, high-return profit center," he noted. "The unique benefits of GuestDirect are expected to attract additional meeting business to hotels. And once on property, multiple users, ranging from meeting planners to convention advertisers, are expected to gladly pay a premium to immediately reach out to their groups with instant messaging. Guests will benefit from in-room printing and fax features, and the hotel can use GuestDirect to enhance its guest communications. Regardless of the use and the fees generated, the incremental cost to the hotel is minimal."

Stryker said that hotels can use The GuestDirect Communications System for a myriad of other purposes, including: -- Final folio--Guests can view their final folio on their television screens, click on a button and instantly receive a printed copy. This feature allows guests to continue charging to the room account up to the minute they leave. "We have used this feature in InnTechnology's earlier non-networked version of the product in more than 3,000 rooms here at the Venetian Hotel," said Jack Braman, vice president of information technologies at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. "Over 40 percent of our guests have used the final folio option and have commented on what a time-saving feature this is. This feature eliminated the need for our staff to print and mail folios for guests using the video checkout system. Guests can also charge to their rooms right up to the time of checkout," he said. "We look forward to adding the new features of GuestDirect at the Venetian." -- Reservation confirmation and tickets--Concierges can confirm an event reservation in hard-copy format directly to the guest room and, when appropriate, send detailed directions to a show, local attraction, athletic event or restaurant. For properties with in-house entertainment, staff can electronically send tickets directly to the room. "This type of service will greatly enhance the efficiency and the professionalism of the hotel concierge function," said Mac Graham, InnTechnology's executive vice president of technology. -- Hotel marketing--Hotels can send special offers to fill restaurants and to attract guests to the spa and other hotel amenities. Special offers can be directed to guests based on their scheduled checkout date, encouraging them to extend their stays over an expected low-occupancy weekend, and bounce-back coupons can be offered to build occupancy for slower seasons. -- Product marketing--Convention exhibitors can use GuestDirect to deliver tailored messages to select guests and groups, rather than hand-deliver messages to each room. Sending and printing the messages in the room also eliminates the cost of pre-printing the materials. -- In-room printing/copying/faxing capabilities--The multi-function machine in each room allows guests to print directly from their computer, a highly valued guest amenity. Also guests can send and receive faxes and make copies. "The one item that business travelers really want in their room is a device that can print from their laptop computers," said Stryker. "A survey of business travelers by American Express revealed that an overwhelming 92% of corporate travelers use a laptop while on the road, while an Opinion Research Corporation survey found that 59% of business travelers said their top priority was Internet access and a printer in their hotel room. In short, today's business traveler wants his hotel room to provide him with the same technology amenities that he has in his office. Our multifunction machine provides just that." -- Photo print shop--Digital photographers can print photos directly from their camera's Compact Flash(TM), Smart Media(TM) or Memory Stick(TM).

" GuestDirect combines existing technology and hardware with new software to take in-room guest communications to the next level," Stryker said. "It is a major step toward delivering on the potential of technology for guest-service purposes."

Founded in 1996, InnTechnology is a leader in providing in-room communications solutions and systems. Headquartered in Glendale, Calif., the company serves the hotel and convention industries in the continental United States and Hawaii.


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