A big THANK YOU to all of InnTechnology's hotel clients over the years and to the many hotel guests who used and appreciated our in-room services.

Changing technology trends finally caught up with InnTechnology's printing/fax/copying services. Simply put, the demand and need for InnTechnology's in-room hotel faxing, copying & printing services has simply moved on to a paperless world.

InnTechnology was founded in 1996. It designed and developed a unique network printing solution for hotel guest rooms (e.g., the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Hiltons, Loews, and many others). For 16 years the system provided in-room printer/copier/fax machines and printed hotel bills in guest rooms in addition to monitoring in-room guest printing, copying and faxing while posting charges to guest accounts. The founders of InnTechnology found the 16+ years challenging, rewarding and overall have resulting in many enjoyable experiences. We made many good friends along the way.

We thank all who shared these years and experiences with us!

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